A Romantic Getaway With Your Girl In A Detroit Limo

A Romantic Getaway With Your Girl In A Detroit Limo

It seems improbable that romance and grease will go hand in hand, but in the Motor City it happened to be true. Detroit is not just a barren city that has nothing to offer except fast cars and mosaic skyscrapers. When you’ll go out in a classy limo to Detroit, you will be surprised to see how many things the city has to offer, and how many places it has where lovers can walk hand in hand.

When going out with your girl, a limo is the only ride you should consider because nothing will help you impress her more than the super luxurious ride of a limo car. Not only that, the amount of private space a limo offers is incomparable to anything on the wheel. Depending upon your budget, the space you need, and the occasion you want to celebrate, you can either go for a stretch limo, which is the ultimate in space, or a black Escalade limo, which speaks volume of style, sophistication, elegance, and class. But if you want the best of the both world then you can also go for stretch Escalade limousine, which has space and luxury of a stretch limo, and suave sophistication of an Escalade limousine.

A romantic day out in Detroit

You can start your romantic day out from Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). This is the jewel in the colorful crown of Detroit. DIA is located on Woodward Avenue, and it is regarded as the cultural beacon of the city. The collection showcased in DIA is among top 6 art collections in the United States.

Starting your day with DIA will surely impress your girl. She will marvel at your taste for art and culture.

After devouring on the high art, you should head towards The Great Lake Crossing Mall, which provides an exclusive shopping experience to its visitors. In total, the mall has 180 stores spread out on a single floor. Afterward, you can take your girl for a lunch in Rainforest Caf?�, which is probably the most famous restaurant in the mall.

You can then ask your limo driver to take you towards Campus Martius, where you can spend the rest of the afternoon admiring the nicely landscaped gardens, tree canopies, and fountains. If time permits, you can also go for a walk on Detroit River Walk.

You may end your romantic getaway with a dinner at any of the famous French restaurants in the city. Cuisine French Restaurant and The Earle are my favorite. I like the latter for its selection of fine wine. This will work like an icing on the cake.

By the end of the day she will be so excited and thrilled that you will thank your stars for making such a nice arrangement from booking a grand limo in Detroit to the dinner. You will feel this particularly when you will drop your girl to her home on the luxurious limo you hired for her. Can there be any better idea of a romantic getaway than this one? Rent a limo from Detroit’s most reliable limo rental company and go for your dream date.