An Auto Repair Specialist Can Save Your Vacation

An Auto Repair Specialist Can Save Your Vacation

Let’s face it. It’s beach time, and most people aren’t thinking about auto repair. But your car could stand in the way of all that sun. There are a few things to consider before your leave on your trip.

Check your tires! Tires that are improperly balanced or filled can harm gas mileage and cause you to spend more money. Look at tread wear. You can use the penny test; put a penny (with Lincoln’s head facing you and pointing down) in the tread of the tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head or any words above it, you need to have a professional check your tires. Also, make sure all valve stems are capped.

Along with your tires, you should make sure your brakes are in top condition. Faulty brakes can cause accidents. Turn off your music and listen closely when you come to a stop. If you hear any grinding or squealing, see a professional as soon as possible. If you notice slight turning of the steering wheel or shuddering of the front end of the car, schedule an appointment immediately to have your local auto repair center check the safety of your brakes.

Next, you’ll want to make sure all lights are working. This includes turn signals and interior lights. Any dead bulbs or fuses should be replaced.

Now comes the part you’ll need a little – or maybe a lot of – help for. Fluids, fluids and more fluids. Having a professional at an auto repair center check the fluid levels in your car is vital to performance. Your car’s engine requires the proper amount of oil to run smoothly and can seize if the oil runs low. Seized engine equals no beach, and that’s no fun for anyone.

A professional will be able to best determine the proper type and amount of oil and amounts of other necessary fluids. Even something that seems simple, like windshield washer fluid, can make a big difference. Ever tried to get bugs off of your windshield with dry wipers? Yeah, prevent that bug-gut smear by having your washer fluid topped off before your trip.

It’s almost summer, and the heat can be relentless. So, you’ll definitely want to make sure the air condition in your car is working properly. Your local professional can assess your system, including coolant and the air filter, for any issues that may cause a less than comfortable traveling environment.

Last, double check your emergency equipment. Make sure the spare tire is in proper working order. Check that you have all the pieces to the jack in case you need to change a tire. A proper emergency kit for your car should contain, at the very least, jumper cables, flares, a flashlight and a map of your most traveled areas. Ideally, a basic first aid kit would be part of your emergency preparations.

Proper planning for a trip includes your vehicle. Don’t get so wrapped up in running for the beach that you end up stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Make an appointment with your local auto repair specialist to make certain your car is in great vacationing condition.