An Overview on City Public Auto Auctions

An Overview on City Public Auto Auctions

One thing I’ve always liked about government auctions are the sheer array of possibilities you have. Don’t be fooled for a moment – the government is huge. The bureaucracy is far reaching and all these agencies and departments own assets which they need to (at some stage) sell off.

Most people make the mistake to just attend federal and state auctions. Keen to find that great deal for their next car, they go to the auctions that everyone else goes to! Don’t be one of them. There are great deals to be had on ALL levels of government. One of my favourites is city public auto auctions.

City and town councils are the smallest forms of government. Yet they are arguably the closest ‘contact’ most of us have with ‘government’. They provide the basic services like garbage removal, keeping our streets clean, etc. They need cars and other assets to do this.

Cities therefore hold city public auto auctions relatively frequently to dispose of cars they no longer need. Procedures and frequency obviously depends from one city to other. A Big city like New York City will undoubtedly have more frequent auctions as opposed to the likes of Rochester. A common theme with all of them however is that they will allow the general public to participate. Many bargain hunters will therefore tend to list events around their state in a number of different cities.

The fee for participating is normally very small for the city public auto auction and worth every cent if you consider the saving you can end up making. These fees are different from one city to another. Some even have a zero fee, but at the very least you will need to provide sufficient proof of identity.

You will find that there are significantly less bidders at city public auto auctions. This is only natural as they are not as well advertised as other events. Use this to your advantage off course. Less competition, almost always, leads to lower prices. This is so very important because every dollar of saving you make can go towards extras for your car, e.g new tyres, wheel trims, car mats, etc.