Car Injury Claim

Car Injury Claim

Accidents can happen on roads anywhere at any time. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you should ensure that the accident is reported to your insurers to get the damage repaired to your vehicle. Some drivers who are involved in accidents may find that the third party offers to pay for the repair of the damage to your vehicle and try to get you to not go through the insurance company. It is unwise to do this as you may be suffering from a painful condition called whiplash injury that you may not yet be aware of as a result of the collision. If you settle in cash and don’t report an accident you will find things difficult later should you need to file a claim for injuries that are related to the car accident

Bodily injury claims are very common when a car collision occurs and usually if you are hit in the rear whilst stationary in traffic for example the liability is with the third party and the case is usually straightforward. There may be other occasions when an impact occurs such as being hit in the side of the vehicle when maneuvering in the road or in a car park that may require more investigation into the circumstances and liability of the incident.

Many people who are involved in a road traffic accident suffer from a painful condition called whiplash injury, which is damage to the soft tissue of the neck or spine area as a result of the rapid forward and backward motion of the neck. A seatbelt protects you but your neck is thrust into an unnatural position causing extension or flexion of the neck which cases damage often not too severe to the neck soft tissues. Due to whiplash injury being the most common form of injury that follows car accidents, it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are now seeking compensation, due to people knowing their rights.

The problem with whiplash is that the pain and discomfort may not be evident at the outset and can take days or occasionally weeks to develop. The trauma caused to the neck area in whiplash thankfully in many cases clears up within about eight weeks, seriously affecting the quality of your life whilst others go on for far longer and require lengthy physiotherapy and time off work causing further losses that you may be able to claim for. It has also been known that in some cases the neck has become more vulnerable to injury. Because whiplash is very difficult to diagnose it may only be spotted when an affected person visits his GP or accident & emergency department as x rays and other imaging equipment does not show up the problem.

In conclusion, do not settle for cash if the accident was not your fault. Should you need to make a car injury compensation claim then you need to do so within three years of the date of the vehicle accident injury.