Forego the High Payment For A New Car and Pay Cash For a Used Part

Forego the High Payment For A New Car and Pay Cash For a Used Part

With new vehicle prices soaring and the economy sagging, people are faced with a choice, purchase a new vehicle and struggle with a high monthly payment or maintain an older vehicle and save money. Today more people are making the decision to keep and maintain their current vehicle, rather than deal with a high monthly car payment.

While maintaining an older vehicle can save money, the price of the parts needed to maintain a vehicle can quickly add up, this is where used parts come in to play. Used parts cost on average 25 percent less than new parts.

Used parts, also referred to as refurbished parts, although less money, often come with comparable warranties to new parts. Warranties on used parts range from 30 days to 3 years and certain parts like engines and transmissions have a mileage stipulation. Many of the mileage stipulations follow new car warranties, such as: 3 years or 36,000 miles.

There are other benefits to using used parts besides saving money, maintaining a vehicle with used parts is a healthy choice for the environment. When parts are refurbished and reinstalled on another vehicle, the demand on natural resources such as aluminum, copper and oil are lessened. It is estimated that 85 million barrels of oil are conserved each year by the current amount of parts being reused.

Another environmental benefit of using used auto parts is that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced due do a lessen need for new “virgin” parts. The majority of greenhouse gases produced by part manufacturers are during the production of new parts and since used auto parts reuse the major part components, there is less need to manufacture parts like engine blocks and transmission cases.

Some vehicle owners are weary when it comes to purchasing used auto parts, fearing that the used part may not have the same quality and dependability as a new part. Used auto parts are rebuilt to meet or exceed the auto manufacturer’s original specifications.

Using used auto parts to maintain a vehicle is a no lose situation, maintaining an older vehicle relieves the burden of high monthly vehicle payments and is a healthy choice for the environment.