Head to Your Chevy Dealer for Car Service or Bid on an Auctioned Car

Head to Your Chevy Dealer for Car Service or Bid on an Auctioned Car

Head to your local Chevy dealer for quality car service in NY. A dealer will perform repairs for free if your car is still under warranty. It’s worth heading to your dealer for car service in NY, especially if your car needs repairs covered by its manufacturer warranty, or is backed by a complimentary maintenance plan. Most dealers offering automotive service in NY will provide a shuttle to take you home or to your office, and many dealers offer loaner cars for you to drive while they complete warranty work on your car.

Your local mechanic may offer discounted prices, but they can’t beat your dealership’s better-equipped facilities, trained technicians and up-to-date service equipment. Your dealer offering vehicle service in NY offers technicians who specialize in your type of vehicle, who work with OE (Original Equipment) parts only authorized by the manufacturer. For smaller garages, diagnosing a problem with your vehicle can be a guess and check process. Your dealer’s facilities mean a more precise diagnosis, and quicker repair.

Check your dealer’s website for automotive service in NY specials. You’ll find printable coupons that you can take into your car service NY center. Simply click on your dealer’s car service NY page to view the available specials. Your car service in NY may offer discounts on tires, wheel rotation and balancing, brake inspection, major and minor service, A/C performance checks, wiper blades, brake pads, performance auto detailing and more.

Your dealer may offer a range of vehicles that are up for auction. Check online to see if your dealer auctions cars in NY. Similar to Ebay, you’ll be able to view the current high bid, number of bidders and a “buy now” price. Dealers auctioning cars in NY sell new, but most often used, cars through the auction system. Prices of vehicles sold buy a dealer auctioning cars in NY tend to be lower than those of vehicles on the dealer’s lot-often thousands less than the retail price. Most vehicles offered by dealers auctioning cars in NY include off-lease returns, replaced rental fleets, company cars, repossessed vehicles and trade-ins. The goal of auctioning cars in NY is to sell vehicles quickly with minimal hassle. Auctioning cars in NY allows dealers to efficiently refresh and maintain their inventory, and means steep discounts and great deals for consumers.

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