How to Green Your Chauffeured Transportation Service

How to Green Your Chauffeured Transportation Service

More and more, travelers are becoming conscious of their environmental impact. Carbon Emission Offsets are more popular than ever, and travelers often take eco-friendliness into account when booking their arrangements. This often leaves traditional modes of transport, like chauffeured vehicles, wondering where we stand. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you make a few changes, you’ll find it’s truly easy being green.

Add Hybrids

Hybrid cars have come a very long way in just a few years. There are now full sized luxury hybrids available on the market that drive, feel, and even look like their non-hybrid counterparts. Tiny hybrids have no place in a luxury transport business, but most major luxury brands now have either sedans, SUVs, or both in hybrid varieties. Adding hybrids to your fleet will not only increase your green image, but it can help to save some green in the long run by cutting down on your fuel costs.

Improve Your Fuel Use

In addition to adding hybrids to your fleet, you can greatly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions with careful consideration of how you use fuel and which fuels you use. For high-demand cars which don’t have a hybrid variety, see if you can get a model which can use flex-fuel or Ethanol-85, fuels which have low carbon output. Consider implementing a “no idle” policy, which will help to reduce your overall gas use. Always remember to keep your fleet well maintained and with properly inflated tires: doing this ensures that each vehicle will always get peak gas mileage.


Recycling is one of the easiest things your company can do to reduce your environmental impact. Commit your entire office to recycle any recyclable material used in-office. Have your chauffeurs or maintenance team sort through the traditionally “trash” items clients leave behind to ensure that any recyclables are properly recycled instead of thrown away. Some recycling companies even accept compostable food items, which will further decrease the trash your company outputs and further increase your positive environmental impact.

Stop Wasting Energy and Resources

Consider having a professional energy audit. Your auditor will determine how much energy you use and suggest steps you can take to improve your energy usage. Implementing these recommendations can save your company both energy and money and can decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Also consider auditing your company for wasteful practices. Digitizing important documents can save paper. Adding motion sensors to lights can keep an empty break room from staying lit all night. Having faucets which automatically shut off keeps employees from accidentally wasting water.

These are just a few of the many possible ways your chauffeured transportation company can save both money and the environment. Making your business more eco-friendly is sure to encourage your clients to see you as a company that truly cares about making a difference, and that perspective can make a difference for your business.