How to Tell Good Dealerships from Bad

The quest for a new car relies heavily on where said car is procured. Many go straight to the dealership, which is a very smart thing to do. Depending on the dealership one visits that is. A good dealership is reliable, dependable, carries quality stock, has a variety of finance options, and offers warranties. They also run various promotions designed to entice incoming customers. Play your cards right and you could very well drive away with a great deal. Bad dealerships are just out to get your money. They will seem reliable but when it counts they will fail you. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to tell the difference. This is why prospective buyers should always be on the lookout for these signs.

Reputation Says Everything

The first thing to do when vetting a dealership that sells new and/or used vehicles is check its credentials. This can be done with a simple web search. Combine what you’re looking for with your general location and you will garner a few results. Often, a Subaru dealership utah will provide you with at least more than one option. Now all you have to do is see what other people say about them. Be on the lookout for rant reviews. Bad dealerships will have a lot of unhappy consumers complaining about them. If your search of a specific dealership provides nothing but ire, it is probably a good idea to stay away. Dependable dealership will rate good reviews, good consumer feedback, and earn raves instead of rants.

Auto Service

This is mostly for newer cars. Dealerships will offer extended warranties for new vehicles, some even granting warranties for used cars. The warranties mean you will be dealing with their service department in the future. This will be for any general auto work required during the tenure of the warranty. This means you should vet the service department as well. This requires a look at the departments reviews, and a physical walk-through when you are on site. Be on the lookout for long waiting times, bad customer service, and less than stellar reviews. All are signs that the department is not a place you want to deal with.

Research the Vehicle

This is mostly for used cars. Shady dealerships will attempt to hide problems from prospective buyers. A good way to guard against this is to study up on the vehicle in question, ask for its papers, and personally inspect its interior. If what you now does not match up to what they say do not conduct business with them. This is also a good idea for new cars as well. Anything that is out of place is an opportunity to shave off cost. So always do your homework.

Finance Options

This is the final step. Good dealerships will hook you up with a car you an afford. Shady dealerships will constantly try to up sell you. If a dealership is excessively pushy it is a definite warning sign.