Important Things to Remember in Car Service – To Do List

Important Things to Remember in Car Service – To Do List

Usually there are three items that will be changed in completing the servicing process such as engine oil, oil filter and air filter.

However, we always forget a few important things that we must remind our mechanics to check before leaving the workshop. The result will be a car breakdown after a few minutes or hours of car service if not.

There are about 10 essential items that need to be checked and added on to your car service – To Do list. Only a few good workshops implement these steps before returning your car back to you, and it should be a good practice that we all remember them. They are:

1) Battery water – Do not just rely on the mechanic to remember to check and top up the water level.

2) Radiator water – Top up the water level or fill up with coolant.

3) Timing belt-This must be checked to confirm whether it is still within the limit before leaving the workshop in order not to get a breakdown.

4) Belting or bearing sound-The sounds of any belting such as alternator belting, compressor belting, power steering belting must be removed and belting must be changed if it is scratched.

5) Air filter housing-Need to be cleaned and any dirt must be removed in order to get smooth engine breathing.

6) Water coolant-To prevent the engine from sudden heat up, the mechanic should use water coolant.

7) Alternator-In order to get a good car condition after service, the mechanic has to confirmed whether this part can still be used or has to be changed.

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8) Any oil-Check the oil level such as gear oil, brake oil and clutch oil.

9) Plug cable-change the plug cable in order to get good firing system.

10) Any hose-Any leaking hose has to be replaced especially the fuel hose before it get burnt.