Know More About the Scrap Car Scheme

Know More About the Scrap Car Scheme

The scrap car is a particular scheme that was launched in the UK. It has wonderful benefits and today many people all over the world resort to this particular scheme because it not only helps the car owners but also the car industry to a great extent.

If your vehicle is more than 10 years old, you can consider it for scrapping which involves disposal in a safe and environment friendly manner. Being the owner of such an old vehicle, if you go for scrap car, it can be expected that you would get a discount when you purchase your new car.

Though the scheme received lots of criticism in the initial period of its launch yet now it has been widely accepted and it is considered to be one of the most popular options to dispose of the old cars.

However, you go for this scheme in order to scrap your car, you would have to undertake several legal procedures so that you are on the right path and you can proceed in accordance with the law. When you strictly go in accordance with the law, you would not have to face any legal complications and at the same time, you would also know that the entire process is carried out in environmentally safe ways.

The scrap car scheme would actually be applicable to your car if it weighs less than 3.5 tons. You must also be the registered owner of that particular vehicle at least before one year from the time of taking advantage of the scheme. After you exchange you vehicle with a reliable dealer, you must ensure that you have the MOT certificate with you. At the same time, the entire process is over you must have the DAV certificate with you.

You can take advantage of the scheme in several ways. The dealer would check all your documents properly and once all the documents are accepted it would then be sent to the yard of the scrap car.

If you scrap your car, you would feel great that you have contributed a lot the environment. In fact, the current rate of pollution is so high that it is essential for everyone to follow this particular scheme.

There are several online sites that offer this particular scheme and do the entire work for you making your tasks easier. You can resort to one of these online sites to scrap car. However, before you register on to a particular site, you must ensure that it is authentic and it must also give you a thorough knowledge about the working of the scheme.