Limousine Service Keeping Teens Safe on Prom Night

Limousine Service Keeping Teens Safe on Prom Night

One of the biggest threats to a teen’s safety on prom night is transportation. Teens are inexperienced drivers, and when distractions and/or alcohol are added to the mix, it is too often a deadly combination. Hiring a professional driver and a safe limousine service or executive car reduces a great deal of this risk.

Limousines Eliminate Distracted and Drunk Driving

Parents want prom night to be a fun and safe night for their teenagers. Talking to teens about the dangers involved with drinking and reckless or distracted driving is crucially important, but taking it a step further with a limo service for prom night would eliminate a large number of prom night injuries and fatalities contributed to vehicle accidents. Prom night shares a disproportionate amount of the teen-involved accidents throughout the year, and so on this night, odds are best if a parent just takes driving completely out of the equation.

Door to Door Service

Often a high school prom will be located in a hotel or event venue in an area with which a teen is unfamiliar. Young drivers need all the focus they have to simply operate the vehicle. Navigating new streets after dark presents additional risk. Once a teen does arrive at the destination, parking may also be an issue. An unassuming teenager in a metropolitan parking lot or sidewalk is easy prey for muggings and other personal assaults. A limousine service usually has a route mapped out prior to the evening, and will drop off and pick up the passengers at a busy, well lit entrance.

A Point of Contact in an Emergency

While a professional chauffeur is not a chaperone, it really is the next best thing. Most reputable limousine services are continually able to keep in contact with their chauffeurs. Many of these experienced professional chauffeurs have driven limousines on prom night for years and understand the importance of the role that they provide on prom night.

Reserving a Car Ahead of Time is Essential

Many high schools have grown to populate in the thousands. These large student bodies matched with the strong possibility of multiple area schools holding prom on the same night means that most if not all of the local limo services will sell out of cars for that evening. Planning ahead and reserving a car is essential to selecting a reputable company, and often only a partial deposit is due at the time of booking.

Limousine Service is more Affordable than Some Parents Think

The number of prom night tragedies can be significantly reduced with proper planning and elimination of unnecessary risks. The cost of a professional chauffeur and a safe, reliable limo service is usually less than most parents expect, especially when this cost is divided among multiple couples, often less than $100 per person. Certainly a small price to pay for a safe and memorable prom night experience.