Moped Safety

Moped Safety

Traffic, parking, and paying too much for gas can all make your daily commute a source of bitter aggravation. Especially in a large city where all of those resources come at a premium, it would be beneficial to be able to shirk some of those responsibilities. A moped or scooter might be the right way for you to leave some of your frustration behind. A snappy moped can be the right form of transportation for many different types of commuters. Like any vehicle, riding safely and knowing how to properly operate your vehicle is crucial.

Though there is less scooter specific data regarding accidents and costs than there is regarding motorcycles, there are common trends in scooter accidents that riders should be aware of. Just as is true for motorcycles, the majority of moped accidents involve a rider colliding with another car. The shear difference in size leaves moped riders in a dangerous and vulnerable position in the event of an accident.

Also, accidents are most likely to occur at an intersection. In fact, in the UK publication, The Telegraph, they published that two thirds of all scooter accidents occur at intersections where interactions between cars and mopeds are highest. It is important for moped drivers to always be keenly aware of their surroundings and to never assume that another vehicle is aware of their presence.

Finally, driving a scooter through urban roads can be a great way to avoid traffic. But it is important for scooter drivers to avoid driving in cars’ blind spots and to make sure they are seen by other drivers. Driving in the center of a lane can help a driver stake their claim to the lane and keep cars from making dangerous passing maneuvers around them.

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