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Fiat: Placing Steps Towards Greater Heights

Established in the year 1976, with its headquarters in Italy in the city of Orbassano, which is not at long distance from the city of Turin, the Centro Ricerche Fiat carries out study on the following topics:

1) engines

2) vehicles

3) electronic classifications

4) fabrication processes

5) Technical-managerial techniques.

History and achievements of the car company: Fiat

In the years, the Centro Ricerche Fiat has added notoriety for the superiority of its technological accomplishments, which have been pleased with prominent worldwide honors: Some of them are as follows:

1) ?The Economist modernization Award ? in the year 2002? for the expansion of Common Rail Diesel locomotive expertise.

2) ?Legambiente in the year 2002?, for the development of Hybrid Methane locomotive.

3) The ?Ferrari Expertise Awards? for the year?s most excellent technological associate.

Present most excellent car models launched by Fiat:

In the midst of the company?s most excellent achievements, exact point out must be done for the Multijet locomotive, fabricated in the year 2002 as the 2nd generation Common Rail locomotive, with considerably improved presentation, that at present motorize the subsequent models from the Fiat series:

a) Panda

b) Stilo

c) Punto

d) Idea

Safety: primary concern of the company:

Over the period of time, Fiat?s obligation to protection has become a solid plan, recognized by everyone by ?all-round safety?, fabricated in view of the Sixties systematic study carried out by the Safety Centre of Fiat.

The entire tests and study activities, varying from collide tests by means of electronic mannequins to tests on personality elements, show the way to the formation of progressive systems and piece of equipments, obtainable on all the automobiles in the variety, to make certain that driving is comfortable, road holding and safety is maintained: from defensive security to active and passive protection.

Company?s concern to safeguard the environment:

Shielding the surroundings is among the Fiat?s most important objectives, that has made accessible its talents and technical development for years, and has tried to augment community consciousness: conserving the surroundings is most important dispute that unease the culture and performance of civilization all together.

As element of its promise, Fiat has concerned not only its associates in manufacturing, but in addition to the administration and neighboring institutions, in a steady attempt to decrease the ecological effects of its merchandises and manufacturing processes.

New innovation of the company: tetra fuel vehicle

Now, afresh, the assembly of innovates with the exercise of the energy, by beginning the innovative Fiat Siena 1.4 Tetra fuel, the initial motor vehicle on the earth that can make use of 4 types of dissimilar fuel:

1) ethanol 100% pure

2) Brazilian gasoline 20% ethanol

3) pure gasoline, similar to that utilized in dissimilar countries of Latin America and Europe

4) natural gas…