The Safe and Dependable Way to Buy Commercial Trucks

Buying a used semi-truck is quite an undertaking. Unlike a used car, a used semi is an investment in a business. As such it needs to be dependable, durable, and needs to go the distance. As with any type of used vehicle the possibility of acquiring a lemon is ever present. This is why buyers must be careful when they wade the waters of used commercial trucks. In order to ensure a reliable and effective purchase certain steps should always be taken. The biggest step is knowing where to look.

Go to Friends and Family First

It is always nice to buy from people you know. A friend or a family is less likely to sell you a lemon than someone you are unfamiliar with. They will also negotiate a fair price to help you out. If anyone close to you also uses commercial trucks for their business, ask where they got their trucks from. If their source is a good choice they will recommend them, if they experienced a less than pleasurable time they will tell you to look elsewhere. Either way you will be closer to finding the right fit for you.

Search Online

The internet is the best way to connect with places selling used semis. Not only that they can tailor to specific needs. If you are looking for used freightliner trucks for sale a quick search can match you with the closest providers. Internet searches will also provide reviews and feedback. They will warn you of bad places to do business with and applaud reliable sources for purchase.


Another great place to look is at an auction. Automobile auctions occur all the time, and many of them feature commercial trucks. Looking up nearby auctions and previewing their offerings can lead to a great purchase. Auctions can net you semis at very affordable prices. You have to bid, and the bid can exceed you budget, but if the crowd has no additional interest you can grab a truck for under what you set aside. Auctions are usually above board about condition as well, so the semi you bid on will not contain many surprises. Still, you should be allowed to inspect the vehicle before taking ownership. Do not grab the keys until everything checks out.


Inspecting the truck before you buy it is paramount to making a good choice. Reliable trucks will have the papers and service record to back them up. The documents will show every repair, record of service, and accident report tied to the vehicle. Always insure that the papers match the truck you are buying. Additionally, always do a hands-on inspection yourself. You will be relying on this vehicle, so everything has to be right. Check the exterior for danger signs like rust. Also, find out why the truck is being sold. Never ignore one-minute detail surrounding the vehicle. One missed factor can be devastating, while catching a small danger sign can save you multitudes.