Vehicle Transportation to Canada – Getting Your Vehicle Approved and Set Up For Transport

Vehicle Transportation to Canada – Getting Your Vehicle Approved and Set Up For Transport

Vehicle transportation to Canada is becoming very common among Canadians. Their dollar value is strong and US vehicles are available at a lower price. Not only is vehicle transport used for purchases by Canadians but also by Americans who are moving or visiting the country. Before you can transport your vehicle, it has to be approved by the Canadian government. Once it has been approved, you can then have it transported by a professional company. Below are the steps for getting your vehicle approved and registered within the country and how to set up the vehicle shipment.

Getting Approval to Transport Vehicles

The Canadian government has specific vehicles that are approved for importation. By doing a simple web search, you can easily obtain a list of the vehicles their government will approve. This list covers personal vehicles, RV’s, motorcycles, snow mobiles and many other types of vehicles. Modifications are sometimes required on the vehicle being transported. Additional features may need to be installed to transport vehicles and these changes can also be found online. Changes are your own expense and must be done forty-five days prior to entering the Canadian border. Warranties are not always valid in other countries and it is very important to verify that the US warranty will still be in effect after transport.

Specific documents must be obtained to transport vehicles into Canada. A recall clearance document must be presented. The manufacturer states any defects on the vehicle in this document and lists all possible safety risks that operators, passengers, and the public could be subjected to. It will also list all defects that have been properly fixed. Without this document, your vehicle cannot be imported. You will also need to provide the title, registration, sales information. Other forms are filled out at the border. The transportation service may be able to take care of this step. If not, other arrangements must be made to ensure the forms are correctly filled out ahead of time. Once the vehicle has crossed the border you can have it inspected and registered with the Canadian government.

Lining out the Details of Your Vehicle Transport

After obtaining all the documents needed for your vehicle’s trip, you must then set up the vehicle transport. There are a lot of companies to choose from and every one of them offers varied quality of service. Take your time researching the available companies to verify their reputation, find the best price, and protect your purchase. Make sure they are experienced in vehicle transportation to Canada. Verify that they provide enough insurance coverage and are well qualified. Each company requires a contract to be signed before shipment. It is vital that you have laid out all your shipping requirements and everything decided upon is in the contract. This includes when the vehicle will be picked up, delivery information, and additional services you require. Sign the contract only if the information is correct and covers all the details of the shipment. Find out what you need to do to prepare the car for shipping. After taking these steps, the transport company will handle the rest for you.