Buying a motorbike from abroad

Are you looking for a specific motorbike? Sometimes it can be that you don’t want just any motorbike, but for example a Harley Davidson. These are not always for sale in the Netherlands and this can be annoying. Yet it is possible to buy this motorbike and you can do this abroad. Other countries, like Germany, the USA, Italy and Belgium might have these specific motorbikes. This does mean that you have to import the motorbike into the Netherlands, so that you can actually use it. With importing, it is important that you arrange the transport, but there are many other things that need to be arranged. How exactly does importing a motorbike work? And what do you have to pay attention to? In this article, we will elaborate on all of that, so you can find out more.

Let a company help you

On the internet, you can find many companies that can help you with importing a motorbike. Importing a motorbike is not an easy thing to do and you have to arrange a lot of things. Every company that does this is different and you have to compare them with each other. Therefore, take a good look at the website of a motorbike importing company, so you can see exactly what they can do for you. Often, these companies arrange transport and inform you exactly what you need to do. Often this is paying the import duties and arranging the type approval. Because you don’t do the importing yourself, you will of course have to pay something. The company arranges all the paperwork and for these services you pay the motorcycle imports company.

When you import a motorbike from the US, you always have to pay import duties. Are you importing a motorbike from an EU country? Then you do not have to pay import duties, but you still have to pay the BPM of the motorbike. If you do not do this, you are not allowed to use the motorbike on Dutch public roads.

Check the motorbike

When the motorbike arrives in the Netherlands, it is very important that you check the motorbike. The motorbike has made a long journey and there is a chance that something has gone wrong. Annoying, but usually, there is a warranty on your purchase, and you can get your money back from the seller. Especially if you let a company do the importing, there is a big chance you will get your money back.