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Immobilizer Systems in VW and Audi

The immobilizer system in VW and Audi prevent the engine from running unless an authorized key is used, and the key is properly matched to various components in the vehicle. Those components are the following: engine controller (ECU, PCM or car computer), the instrument cluster and the ignition keys.
In the USA and Canada, only those cars sold after 2000 are equipped with immobilizer systems, in Europe and other parts of the world immobilizer were used even before 2000.
VW and Audi dealerships can match keys to your car, and also independent auto repair shops such as your neighborhood repair shop can also match keys to the car with specialized VW and Audi equipment. These procedure needs to be done when getting new keys, replacing the instrument cluster or replacing the car computer or ECU.
There are 5 immobilizer generations in VW and Audi:
Immo-1: only found in Europe and some Mexican VWs, and was used in cars made before 2000
Immo-2,3 and 4: found in cars worldwide, SKC needed or way to get SKC code from cluster
(SKC are available from the dealership or can be extracted it from the cluster EPROM)
Immo-5: only found in certain Audi (R8, A6 and A8) starting 2008 and 2009
After getting new keys, keys need to be matched to your car (ecu and cluster), alarm remote control also needs to be match to the car.
Immobilizer system can also be removed altogether by tuning or replacing software in the ecu or car computer.…

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Tips For Buying Used Cars

The global car market can broadly be categorized into two sub markets. One is market for new cars and the other is market for used cars. The car sales in the used car market are much higher than in the market for newer cars, solely because of one reason- economical prices. The used cars are economical in price and have many other benefits, like nil taxes, lower insurance premiums & costs and lower financing costs, associated with them. Therefore, buying a used car is many times consider a better option than a new car.
However, there are many risks that are involved in buying a used car. Hence, it is very important to put your thinking caps on while buying a used car. Else, you might loose on some of our precious time and money. Following are the tips you might keep in mind while buying a used car:
IF you are buying a used car, it is important to do research. Make sure that you explore various options available. Participate in online auctions, join communities and search for reliable dealers on internet to get the best deal for your car. Doing this might take sometime but it will definitely reap good results for you.
Choose a reliable dealer only
Make sure you approach only a reliable dealer for buying a used car. The dealer might charge you with some overhead cost or commission but he will definitely save you from the risk of forgery or any kind of fraud.
Check the condition of the car closely
IT is very important to check the car’s condition before you buy it. For this, you can take the car out for a test drive. Make sure that the test drive is not too small to show you anything. Take the car to the highways and drive it a good speed. Doing this will allow you to check the condition of the engine as well as the tyres.
In addition, take a close look at the car’s exteriors as well as interiors. Check whether the accessories in the car are working properly.
Negotiate with the dealer
Negotiate as much as possible with the dealer. Try and get some cash or any other kind of incentive out of him. After all, you are a client so make best use of it.
The above mentioned tips can help you to buy the right used car at a right price.…

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Cautious Driving for Reduced Auto Insurance

Clearly the sure way of cutting auto insurance rate is to keep claim free. For that reason you might have to look at certain dangerous driving styles that increase the possibility of involving in a car accident. you should not be smug about driving in a certain way.
Take into account that normally you have the people you care in the vehicle with you. When you end up in a crash, it is very possible that you would cause an injury to someone you care.
You have most likely witnessed someone speaking about his driving capabilities while using a cell phone or maintaining just one hand on the steering wheel. Only an idiot might believe that any of those is cool. Everybody would agree that sitting behind the wheel while after drinking alcohol is not ever justifiable regardless of what the law says.
There are a few practices that are not unlawful or obvious nevertheless hazardous. Whilst driving drinking, smoking or arguing with the passenger at the back seat are several of them. There is a possibility that you may involve in an incident even if you are completely focussed. Why raise the odds by getting preoccupied?
Several studies show increases in the crushes when the driver carries on those practices. Any person with common sense would not require any studies to accept the wrongness of those habits. The question is that will you go over your driving once more and commit to correcting a few of the mistakes.
Should you really like lower auto insurance premiums continuously, you must learn good driving capabilities. After you have correct practices, remaining a cautious driver will be the outcome of your subconscious behaviors.
Today’s car insurance industry is tailored to awarding safe drivers. Number of car insurance companies would just insure safe drivers and offer expensive rates to the ones that they believe extreme risk. Your cost can easily be just one-third of a thoughtless driver.…

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Auto Repair – When You Should Pay More and When You Shouldn’t

Auto repair, why does it cost so much? If you take your car to a reputable auto repair shop their services might not be the cheapest in town, but there are some valid reasons for this. The old adage “Would you go to the low bidder for brain surgery?” really does apply to auto repair shops as well. Cheap service today may just cost you more in the long run.
6 Reasons Why You Should Pay More
Here are six attributes that you will find at a reputable, high quality auto repair shop. This may mean that you might pay more for some services at a shop like this, but there is a good reason for it and it will be worth it.
1) They will employ only top notch, talented, certified technicians. These guys are highly sought after and command a decent wage. They spend a lot on their tools and training. They also spend time on continuing education to maintain their certifications and to stay abreast of the latest industry technology. If you haven’t noticed, cars are getting more complicated just like everything else. This industry is filled with lousy mechanics that will work for cheap, but the good shops don’t hire them.
2) They subscribe to the best technical information systems. This provides them access to all of the latest service bulletins and manufacturer’s specifications. This is the only way to stay current on all makes and models.
3) They only use top quality parts. The auto parts market has been flooded with cheap off-shore manufactured imitations. A good shop is very careful about what parts they install. Quality (when it is still available) costs more.
3) They will be fully insured, so you are protected.
4) They dispose of hazardous wastes in an environmentally sound manner.
5) You will notice that they keep a clean shop equipped with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. If they don’t respect their shop, they won’t respect your vehicle.
6) They pay their taxes and they make a profit. That’s right, they have to make money to keep the doors open. That way they will be there the next time you need service, and the next, and the next.
The message in this is that good quality probably costs a little more, but if you want your vehicle maintained properly so that it lasts, it’s worth it.
Why You Shouldn’t Pay More
A lot of money is wasted on automobile service. Customer’s are “sold” service their car may not really need. Many facilities employ “salesmen” as their service writers. They are trained in salesmanship and are paid according to how much they can sell. This is unfortunate because it gives the entire industry a bad name. Ask the shop if the service writers are paid commissions.
Here’s a typical example. A customer takes his vehicle to the Cheapie, Super Fast Lube Shop for an oil change. The Super Fast Super Salesman informs the customer that he needs a transmission service, cooling system flush, fuel injection service etc. etc. and the customer doesn’t remember when these things were done last so he says go ahead. Turns out he wasn’t due for those services for another 20,000 miles! Wasted money!
Another example: a customer takes his vehicle to the tire shop for new tires. The service writer knows he is not going to see this car again for a long time. He figures he better sell the customer a brake job (or something else) now, and he does. The vehicle didn’t really need a brake job for another 10,000 miles! Wasted money!
How to Avoid Over Paying
The way to avoid all of this is to find an honest, reputable auto repair service facility that can provide all or nearly all of your needs, and STAY WITH THEM! This does three things:
First, all of your service records will be kept in one place so you won’t be “doubling up” on services at multiple shops. Remember the examples above.
Secondly, when you are going to the same place for service regularly, they know your car and your driving habits. A good shop that services your vehicle regularly knows how much life is left in your brakes. They would know that the way you drive, you can travel at least another 10,000 miles before the brakes will need to be replaced.
And third, by giving all your business to one shop, you become their “Bread and Butter”. Funny thing about honest mechanics, they protect their bread and butter customers. They will bend over backwards to keep them happy. They need them. They are always providing little extras for them at no cost. You know, like replacing light bulbs and fixing little things that most people would overlook.
Your vehicle is one of your …

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Car Donation In Maryland Has No Exceptions!

How to Donate a Car in Maryland: First and foremost step is to hunt for the Car Donation Charity Organization in Maryland. The above said organization must be sound one. It should handle or controlled by those people who are interested in serving people. If you get intimation that the organization is a fake then stop you proceeding there only. Beware of the culprit associations that mainly aim for there profit-motive. Umbrella Charity Organization in Maryland is one of such example. They can do anything for there benefit. And such organizations work out their activities only for earning profit.

Car Donation in Maryland requires you to be aware of the Car Donation Charities which work for serving people or service motive. Besides such organizations there also emerged some charities which are formed for proficient and efficient working. In the year 2003, a Car Donation Charity in Maryland was come in to force named Cars4Charities Organization. This institution is run and controlled by the skilled group or staff. There exists a relation of client and produce between car donors and the motor vehicle which is the plus point for such an organization.

Moreover, those who run the umbrella organizations for car donation in Maryland have to be sharp at wheeling and dealing, because they have to negotiate with numerous auto auction houses, towing services and government agencies on a daily basis. In order to make the most profit, the management of car donation in Maryland must keep operations efficient and cost effective.

One illustration is another big gun in car donation in Maryland: Cars Helping America, which services the whole of Maryland as well as many states, excluding Michigan where people are not allowed to give to charity through a third party. The car donation in Maryland organization includes free towing and certifies the donation for tax deductions of the donor. The car donation in Maryland manpower needed to communicate, accommodate and coordinate with the many people who inquire about donating, would like to donate, or would like to join as a charity of the car donation in Maryland organization is understandably considerable. This means that human resource in auto donation is another challenge for the organizations involved.

Moreover, those who run the umbrella organizations for car bequest in Maryland have to be jagged at wheeling and commerce, because they have to discuss with many car auction houses, towing services and administration agencies on every day basis. In order to make the most income, the administration must keep operations well-organized and cost effectual.

Role of Manpower Planning in Car Donations in Maryland: Human Resources occur as the main defy in operating and running any of such charities. Efficient and effective staff or workers are the main tool of these charities which make it function smoothly and on the right track with the main motive of serving people. You should not deny the fact that manpower is the crucial organ of the organization. They are responsible for handling it. With the modernization of technology these charities are available at your home also by the means of internet. Car Donation Institutions in Maryland plays with the big inflow of cash and funds. And with this important feature these institutions stand in front of many big corporations. And today these charities are considered as one of the sound structures which are contributing to the nation.…

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Should You Have Your Engine Rebuilt or Buy a New Car?

With the rising cost of new cars in this crumbled economy most people are keeping their older cars. A warranty is offered on a new car, but considering the high payments, one’s choice is to get the old car fixed.
It is obvious that the older car will need more repairs and maintenance, but for most there isn’t much choice. So your car is losing oil at a quart or two a day and the smoke pours out of the tail-pipe. You are most likely having engine problems, so now you wonder if you should have your engine rebuilt or buy a new car.
You need to take your car to four qualified repair shops that specialize in engine rebuilding. Check them out first and make sure they are highly qualified with ASE Certified technicians.
Make sure they give you a complete break-down of what they need to do to rebuild the engine. Find out how long it will take for them to start the work and how long before you can take the car home.
You need everything in writing such as the price for each part, price for the labor and a guarantee in writing. Do not wait until the work is done on the car to get a written guarantee. Always request it when you are getting estimates. After you get your written estimates, check them out with the local BBB.
Talk to others that’s had car repair and find out who they used, were they happy with the service, were their prices reasonably and how long was their car in the shop. Word of mouth is always the best way to find a good auto repair shop.
After you’ve done your research on your old car, it’s now time to check into new cars. Go to 3 different car lots. You need to decide on a good used car or a new car. Sometime buying a new car offers better interest rates and a better warranty, but you need to consider the total price of the vehicle.
You need good credit to get a low-interest rate with no down. Keep in mind when you trade in a car, they jack up the price of the car you are interested in buying. Compare the payments each month with a down payment versus getting your engine rebuilt in the older car.
If the old car is in great shape except for the engine, then the wisest choice is to keep it and have the engine rebuilt. There are good engine repair mechanics that can work out a payment schedule with a sufficient down payment. You now have enough information to make an informed choice to have your engine rebuilt or buy a new car.…

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Car Insurance – Tips to Select the Right One

If you are looking for an option to insure your new car, this article will help you to find the perfect one. As the demand of the car insurance policies are becoming more and more insisting, there are many manufactures that started providing great offers on it. You can also find many car insurance companies that are providing online services. However, this article will give you some important tips and information, which you have to consider while you opt for car insurance.
Different Types of Policies:
There are various types of car insurance coverage available in the market. Therefore, you have an option to go for bodily injury, collision, property damage as well as for comprehensive coverage options. There are also few insurance policies, which will not only pay for the repair work of your vehicle, but also provide you financial help for paying the hospital bills, rental and towing expenses etc. However, before you plan to insure your vehicle, it is very important to research on the web and find a perfect coverage for your car.
Tips for Finding the Best Policies:
Even though there are many auto insurance companies, which are providing cheap car insurances, most of them are not able to meet the requirements of their customers. Therefore, it is very important to follow some tips, which will help you to find a cheap insurance coverage without compromising the quality. Some of these tips, which you have to consider while selecting car insurance, are mentioned below:
* Select the right car insurance company
* Take the assistance of an expert to find the best one
* Compare online insurance quotes
* Know about the hidden charges
* Maintain a good driving record
The condition and facilities of your vehicle should be also considered while selecting an insurance policy. There are numerous insurance companies in the market, which will provide great offers for the people who own a car with more than the average safety features.
How Important the Car Insurances is?
There are many people who do not consider car insurances to be of such a great importance. However, this is a crucial aspect, which you have to bear in mind when you are buying a new car. These insurance policies will protect your car from many unexpected hassles like theft, various accidents, injuries etc. So, you can see that Insurance acts like a protection shield not only for your car. Therefore, it is very important to have an insurance policy for your vehicle when you buy it.
Tips To Select The Best Car Insurance Company:
As there are numerous insurance companies available in the market, most of the people will find it difficult to select the right one. If you are facing the same problem, here is the best solution for you.…