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Long Term Consequences of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Long Term Consequences of Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in The United States, someone dies every twelve minutes, and every fourteen seconds someone is injured, in an automobile accident. Statistics show there are approximately six million automobile accidents yearly, which result in three million injuries, two million of which are permanent, and approximately forty thousand results in death.

In over half of the accident related deaths, the deceased were not wearing their seatbelts. Over forty percent of accidents were alcohol related and over thirty percent were caused by excessive speed and another thirty percent were caused by reckless driving.

More Than Skin Deep

We are all aware that automobile accidents cause deaths and injuries in the thousands every year, but did you know that besides short and long term physical ramifications that there may also be short and long term psychological ramifications? Anxieties and phobias caused by automobile accidents affect thousands of people every year. Studies show that even in low impact, non-injury accidents that people may suffer from some manner of post-traumatic stress disorder for from a few months to a year or more.

In a study of more than 1,000 men and women who had been taken to a hospital after an accident, most of the persons were shown to have recovered from any psychological impact within three months to one year. Others experienced the effects more long term, and others were shown to have suddenly developed anxiety and other symptoms months after the accident. Most of the people with prolonged psychological disorders were passengers in the accident rather than drivers.

These fears or anxieties ranged from fear of riding in or driving a car, to a complete cessation of riding or driving. Just like long term physical problems, long term psychological problems can have an ongoing detriment to your health, as well as other aspects of your life. Persons may experience long term stress that affects their sleep habits and work performance as well as cause problems in their personal relationships and that these problems may compound and lead to long term depression.

Therapy Helps

Often, just as with physical injury, persons may benefit from therapy or drug treatment for their anxiety or depression caused by involvement in automobile accidents. Just remember, an injury doesn’t necessarily have to be physical to have long term effects on your overall health and well being. Therapies can be beneficial in many ways and can be discussed with your doctor.…

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Is Auto Repair A Worry For You? Read This

Haven’t you wished you knew more about dealing with potential car problems? Have you wanted to make sure you can fix a vehicle yourself if a problem arises? Maybe you just want to know how to choose a good mechanic. Read on so you can educate yourself.

You should wash your car often to avoid rust. All cars eventually succumb to rust, however you can delay this process by washing all salt and chemicals from your car immediately. Protect your paint with good wax.

Keep all of your car records handy. Store them inside the glove compartment just in case you have to see a mechanic all of a sudden. Repair professionals may want to see these records for repair purposes. They help them figure out what’s wrong quickly.

Be careful of mechanics who will do unnecessary work on your vehicle. A good mechanic should let you know if they noticed parts that are starting to get worn down and will need to be replaced soon but they should not replace the part without your approval. If you notice a mechanic has made unnecessary repairs to your vehicle, do not go to the same one next time.

Make sure your headlights are clean if they don’t look as bright. Sometimes, dirt from the road transfers over to your lights dim them. A good quality glass cleaner will help to clean them right up.

Learn about your car so you can determine the problem in advance and save money. You can save a lot of money by diagnosing it yourself, and it could also protect you from being a victim of fraud. You may already know that a few mechanics sometime engage in dishonesty if they think they can make a larger profit.

Make sure any mechanic you hire knows about your particular vehicle. While most vehicles are made in similar ways, a lot of the time things are fairly different under the hood. If you aren’t sure, take your car to get serviced at the dealer.

Keep a spare tire and a jack with you all the time. Many new cars have these. The cost of a tow for a flat isn’t worth it! Changing your tire is a simple process that can save you an expensive visit from an auto service club.

A daring do-it-yourself approach isn’t always the best idea. Be sure someone is watching you repair the vehicle just in case something bad happens. Buy some good quality tools that will last. This is especially true of your tire changing equipment. The jack you buy needs to support your vehicle well. This is why you should get a high quality hydraulic jack with stands.

Many corrupt shops will change out your tires and put in older ones. They can make money this way. Take a piece of chalk and mark the tires prior to dropping off your vehicle. Make sure you check your tires before you leave the garage to make sure they are the ones you drove in on.

Don’t get stuck thinking you’re at a loss regarding repairing your vehicle. Apply the tips given here and take charge of the situation. Now, you can see that there are some things you can even take care of yourself.…

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Looking for a Wedding Limo Rental? Consider These Helpful Tips

Looking for a Wedding Limo Rental? Consider These Helpful Tips

Are you planning to rent a wedding limousine for your big day? Before you hand over your credit card to a local transportation service, make sure you’ve weighed all of your options.

Your wedding day is said to be one of the most important days of your life. But when you depend on professional limousine services to get you to your venue, the quality of your limo rental can either make or break your day. After all, your hired limousine service is responsible for bringing you to and from the church, hotel, or other location as punctually as possible, and there’s nothing worse than a bride and groom who arrive late to their own ceremony. If you want to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch, then you need to make certain that you hire the right company. Below are a few ways to make sure you choose an appropriate limo rental to make the most important day of your life all the more special.

First, think about the location of the venue and the required travel time. Is the commute tortuous enough to warrant providing transportation for the entire wedding party? Will it be extremely inconvenient for individuals to arrange their own rides to and from the venue? Is the party large enough that it would make economic sense to travel in one vehicle? If you conclude that a wedding limo rental makes the most sense for you and the vision that you have for your wedding day, then the next step is to find a limo rental company you can trust.

However, before you begin contacting transportation companies about their limousine services, it’s important to have a precise number of passengers in mind. This will ensure that the pertinent information you receive, such as hourly rates and amount of leg room, is as accurate as possible. After all, wedding parties vary greatly in size, and as a result, so do wedding limos. Make certain that you know exactly who will be riding along with you so you can confidently choose between a sleek town car, an eight-passenger stretch limo, or a 16-passenger SUV. Most companies offer several different options, so the final decision will be mostly yours.

Ask friends, family, and even acquaintances about any local transportation services that they’ve used in the past. You can always search for companies in a variety of online business directories and read customer reviews, but it’s generally better to get references from people whom you actually know and whose opinions you can trust.

Once you’ve found a reputable company and have scheduled a date and time for your wedding limo rental, all you have to worry about is how you’re going to sneak away from all the photos for a slice of cake.…

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Defective Windshields

Defective Windshields

Windshields serve a very important purpose in automobiles, though many drivers are unaware of this fact. In addition to shielding drivers and their passenger from wind and the elements, windshields serve as a structural support for automobiles’ roofs.

Since they are charged with such important tasks, windshields must be constructed with these tasks in mind. There is no room for error in the windshield manufacturing process, so it is important for manufacturers to ensure the quality of their products before installing them in automobiles.

To better understand the potential faults, it is important to understand the parts of a windshield. These include:

Tempered glass

Two panes of glass


Two panes of tempered glass are pressed together with the vinyl between them to form a windshield. The glass is tempered to make it stronger and less likely to crack or shatter. The vinyl serves as a binder for the two panes of glass; it helps prevent shattering, protecting individuals inside of the vehicle.

When any of these parts are faulty, the overall safety of the vehicle comes into question. Errors in pressing the glass together or in tempering the glass or even faults in the materials may make windshield more prone to shattering.

Since windshields support the roof, they become vital in rollover accidents. If they are faulty, they may fail to prevent the roof from collapsing in a rollover. This may trap or even crush the individuals inside of the vehicle.

Individuals who suffer injuries because of defective windshields may be entitled to financial compensation. Whether that compensation comes from the automobile’s manufacturer or from a third party windshield manufacturer is a question that an experienced lawyer can answer.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries because of a defective windshield, let the New York City auto defect attorneys of Parker Waichman Alonso, LLP handle your claim.…

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Short Term Motor Insurance: Why It Is A Must For Your Vehicles

Short Term Motor Insurance: Why It Is A Must For Your Vehicles

The best time to have short-term motor insurance is when you have a vehicle you don’t use for a long period of time or want temporary coverage for another driver. This is also called a temporary option that will cover the driver, regardless of how long. Short-term motor insurance can be applied on any make, model and year of vehicle. Short term motor insurance has the same coverage as seen in regular coverage so it will not affect any long-term coverage policy you have. The benefits that come associated with short-term motor insurance include:

Impermanent coverage

Emergency coverage

Instant coverage

Abolish need for permanent coverage

Short-term motor insurance is great in making sure that any third party person who uses your vehicle is covered for the time they have the vehicle in their possession. It gets rid of the need to put them on your policy and then remove them when they are done with the vehicle. Short term motor insurance will ensure four things:

That you are covered in cases of borrowing or lending a car. This will help you not lose the NCD

That your vehicle will be covered in case of accident, fire, theft and vandalism. As you may already know, unforeseen circumstances can happen at any point in time

Rates being offered are generally competitive and are often tailored to fit the days you need them to. The number of days can vary: one day to six months

It will give you coverage for any damages to property and vehicles as well as take care of any injuries that were sustained

To make sure you are getting the policy that fits your needs, be sure to look at several short-term motor insurance quotes before settling on one particular company. By doing this, you can comparison shop and find out what plan is going to fit your needs best.…

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What to Do If Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

What to Do If Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can be trying experiences. They may involve vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks/SUVs, semi trucks and cars. The legal issues are often varied too.

For example, if you are involved in a car accident, there are important issues stemming from the type of car insurance you purchased. In no-fault states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you will have medical benefits coverage under you car insurance policy that covers medical bills for you and your family. Your health insurance will only cover you or your family after the medical benefits under the car insurance policy are exhausted. Moreover, you would have selected a lawsuit option under your policy. In Pennsylvania, you selected either full tort or limited tort. In New Jersey, you had to select the lawsuit limitation or zero limitation. Oddly enough, your selection of a lawsuit option affects whether you may bring a personal injury claim against the person who caused the accident. There are exceptions, however. For example, you will be deemed to have selected the full tort option in Pennsylvania if the accident is caused by an intoxicated driver, whether from alcohol or medication.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor-trailer, there are state and federal regulations governing the operation of the vehicle including the number of hours the operator is permitted to drive daily. Here is a brief listing of some of the federal regulations: Title 49 CFR Part 391 – Qualifications of Drivers, Title 49 CFR Part 392 – Driving of Commercial Motor Vehicles, Title 49 CFR Part 393 – Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation, Title 49 CFR Part 395 – Hours of Service of Drivers and Title 49 CFR Part 396 – Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance.

In addition, most current day trucks including tractor-trailers have data recording devices or “black boxes” that may obtain critical information about your accident. This data needs to be preserved immediately. If the data is favorable to you or your family, the owner of the tractor-trailer may well be disinterested in its preservation. The data can be easily written over once the tractor is put back on the road.

Here is a checklist of what steps you should take after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

* Call police immediately at 911 if you or anyone is hurt and/or if there is damage to vehicles or property. It is important that a police report be filed of record.

* Keep calm. Make no statements to anyone about the accident, or who might have been at fault. Do not answer questions about the accident for anyone except the police or medical personnel.

* If possible, write down the date, time and place of the accident. Or do so as soon as you can afterwards.

* If possible, exchange driver’s license and vehicle registration and insurance information with other parties involved.

* If possible, get names and addresses of witnesses.

* Write down the name, badge number and jurisdiction (i.e., Philadelphia, Cherry Hill) of the police officer taking your accident report.

* If possible, take photographs of the scene and vehicles involved.

* Describe the accident to the police as simply as possible. Do not assess or accept blame.

* If another party’s insurance company or investigator asks you to sign any papers or provide a written or recorded statement, do not do so without first consulting with an attorney.

Finally, keep in mind that you should make objective decisions about fault for the accident including who is responsible for paying to have the vehicles repaired. Important decisions may also be needed regarding medical care. Try to keep your emotions from clouding your judgment. …

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Tips And Tricks From The Auto Repair Experts

It’s not hard to learn about how to fix your car. Learning more about auto repairs can help you save a lot. Read this article to find out more about auto repairs and mechanics.

Never underestimate how important it is to carrying an emergency kit inside your vehicle. This kit should include specific tools for charging your battery, changing your tire, etc. Blankets, matches, a flashlight, extra batteries, cans of food and some water help, too.

You don’t want rust to attack your car so take the time to wash it on a regular basis. When you keep your car clean, rust will be held back. Use a good wax to protect your paint job as much as possible.

Go through your automobile’s manual and make sure to mark important pages. This will help you speak intelligently to a technician about your car when it is time to take it in. What you think may be an issue, may not be at all according to the manual.

Examine your headlights if they appear dim; they may simply need a good clean. Residue can diminish their light output. Use a reputable glass cleaner to get the job done efficiently.

Before you take your car to the shop, always make an attempt to identify the problem yourself. You can save a lot of money by diagnosing it yourself, and it could also protect you from being a victim of fraud. Unfortunately, some shops are less than honest when diagnosing issues.

Repairing your car yourself could be hazardous. Be sure someone is watching you repair the vehicle just in case something bad happens. Buy some good quality tools that will last. This is particularly true with tire changing tools. The jack has to be strong enough to keep the car secure above you. Buy an adequate hydraulic floor jack that has approved jack stands.

Avoid diagnosing car problems yourself. You’re still new to this! What can seem like it’s simple to fix may be a lot harder, especially if the vehicle is newer. To be sure that the job is done right, have an auto repair shop diagnose the issue. Give them as much information as possible, but in the end, let them perform the diagnosis.

Always bleed the brakes after working on them or preceding a test drive. Following this, pump the brake fluid. Check to make sure there are no leaks that can cause the fluid to escape. Once you have done these things, you can take your car on a test drive; however, make sure you drive in areas without much traffic. Begin slowly to be sure they’re repaired well prior to trying higher speeds.

A lot of auto repair is based on people being consistent in what they do. If you’re lucky enough to have a shop you trust, use them regularly. Each shop may provide a different answer to your problem. They could also charge you more; don’t let this happen.

If you know the basics, there is no need to fear having car performance issues. You may even be able to do the repairs yourself and avoid the mechanic, saving you money. Keep these tips in mind whenever you experience car problems.…