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Best Suvs Of 2007

It is said that the best road trip vehicles are SUVs. It cleverly combines the passenger-carrying space with the towing capacity of a pickup truck. But how do you choose the best from the cream-of-the-crop?

After the traumatic 2006 sales fall, automakers are all aimed at putting their best foot forward to get the larger slice of the auto market. The Cadillac Escalade is now being challenged by the first full-size SUV of Mercedes. The latter is a seven-seat SUV with upscale auto features that include air suspension and adjustable ride height. The vehicle can be lowered automatically at speed for a more capable ride.

According to critics in the industry, the overhauled Cadillac Escalade, which was introduced just last year, has the nicest interior among the vehicles in the United States. The Cadillac Escalade uses all-aluminum 6.2 L Vortec V8 mated to Cadillac cold air intake. The vehicle also featured the new six-speed 6L80 automatic transmission and conventional five-link suspension to improve its performance and ride.

Mercedes Benz was quick to follow Cadillac with the plush, full-size GL-Class SUV which is priced at $53,000. Mercedes recorded 19,000 sales of the vehicle in 2006. The new Mercedes pride radiates improved performance than that of the R-Class. The GL and the Escalade are among the best SUVs of 2007. However, in the fourth season of this year, mighty rivals are expected to take the limelight.

One of the forthcoming catchy SUVs is the Spyker D12 dubbed as the world?s only exotic sport utility vehicle. The Dutch-built SUV is capable of generation 500-horsepower maximum output. Enthusiasts are now excited about the arrival of the one-of-a-kind vehicle.

The Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler experience a three percent decrease in passenger-car sales while trucks and SUVs declined by eight percent. At General Motors, car sales declined seven percent, while truck and SUV sales declined by around nine or ten percent.

Among Detroit automakers, the Ford Motor Co. reported the most debilitating decrease in sales in the previous year. Ford?s car sales rose five percent while truck and SUVs decreased by fourteen percent. Ford has this to say: “higher gasoline prices and long-term demographic trends drove SUV sales lower, and a soft housing industry weighed on full-size truck sales.”

However, after just a couple of months, Ford?s sales are making a swift turnaround. The arrival of the new crossover SUVs like the Ford Edge and the Lincoln MKX gradually changes the company?s picture.

General Motors Corporation?s GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook are helping the company a bit. The automaker reported that the Acadia and Outlook “drove a 97 percent retail increase in the mid-crossover segment” in February, compared with that time the year before.

Chrysler Group?s new SUVs like the redesigned Jeep Wrangler have also yielded warm welcome. Experts say these new, car-like SUVs, plus steadier gas prices, could serve 2007 a better year for SUV manufacturers.

In Ford?s January statement, the automaker blamed the declining truck and SUV sales on gas prices, demographic trends and the housing industry. The company said: “Ford believes these factors will continue to weigh on these segments in 2007.”…

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Finding the Best Online Auto Auction

The process of finding the appropriate online auto auction deal can be both challenging and interesting. It is challenging and tasking in the sense that we have several companies on the internet today that are very far away from what they claim when it involves probity and accountability in online cars auction business, and that you have to cope with headaches that are associated with fishing out the company with the best package. It is definitely interesting and spine-tingling because of the ease with which you surf the internet at your leisure for the best deal and also the reduced cost involved, which can be very promising to your business.
Nevertheless, I think it is better to give the online auto auction a trial today as you may not find any better option elsewhere. In this type of auction system, the ball is completely left in your court at the mercy of your skills and discretion. One reason I will suggest an internet based auction deal for you is because of its direct, down to earth mode of transaction that you can always access at a mouse click. You also have freedom to make your choice as you can never be under any compulsion to bid for a product.
Another point to consider as you make up your mind for online auto auction is its liberal form. The buyers will have access to several auto products that are available and will be able to make the right choice without any distractions as you will take your time to ponder well on the available options in order to make it a reality. A cursory look into online auto auction predicts a better environment for prospective buyers unlike the offline, street auction that can be very monotonous if not properly moderated. Take it or not, internet auction can make an interesting adventure basically because of the dynamism of the internet technology in its unprecedented possibilities.
If you are a business person that is interested in auto auction business, I think you should start from online auto auction not only because of its other fringe benefits that may hidden from most people in the public as stated above; but because of the fact that you will spend less to achieve more. It is the mentality of the penny-wise, pound foolish that is always advised for business success. One vital issue that must not be discarded without giving it a second taught is the fact that you need to get hooked with the best online auto auction package before thinking about results. The advantages of the internet auction would not have been feasible without a friendly auction package offered by a legal company.
This implies that the most crucial step that must be rightly taken is finding the best online auto auction placement because it is your springboard to pocket friendly auction deals. I think you should take steps towards this. I challenge you to give auction business a trial that grows right away.…

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A Review Of The New Audi A1

Audi has unveiled a compact sports car, the A1, designated for release in the summer of 2010. Designed for younger drivers, the car reflects a sleek and sophisticated look, which makes it a perfect fit for customers who live in urban and large cities. Also, the A1?s compact size allows it to retain agility through high volume city traffic.

The interior reflects a high quality, sporty look. With the latest technology incorporated on board such as the ?infotainment system,? Audi has paved the standard in automobile advances. It features a MMI navigation plus, a media center that also includes a monitor that rises from the instrument panel to the control unit. The A1 also comes with a 465 watt Bose surround sound system. Customers can also customize various aspects of the car to fit their own tastes.

The A1 was designed to have an agile chassis along with powerful engines. This combination makes it the sportiest car in its class. Yet it retains the distinct characteristic of the Audi brand. These features include the coupe-like C pillars, the unique arch-shaped roof, large wheel well and the single-frame grille.

Designed with four four-cylinder engines, the A1 sets new standards in efficiency. All engines substitute turbocharging for displacement and directly draw fuel from injection units. This car also features efficient fuel economy at around 43 ? 61 mpg with a CO2 transmission emission of 159.33 g/mile.

Audi has continued the trend in high-tech through incorporating a seven-speed, dual-clutch S tronic transmission. This allows for quick changes in gears without the pauses in pulling power. The A1 comes in automatic and manual. There is also the option for paddles on the steering wheel.

Overall, the A1 is a compact yet powerful and sporty automobile. It should appeal to younger customers who typically live in larger cities and are looking for a sophisticated yet stylish car.…

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Aye Caramba! My Tire’s Flat! What to Do to Avoid Flats

You feel pretty good about your new tires you just picked up from a Utah auto repair shop. You paid a lot of money for them and want to keep those tires lasting for… well forever would be nice. Here are some tips to help keep your tires in good order, which will decrease your chance of getting a flat.
Before going further you need to make sure that you have the proper tools to change your tire if you do ever have a flat tire. Don’t forget to check the condition of your spare tire. If you don’t have a spare you’ll want to keep a 12 volt air pump and a can of fix-a-flat (you cannot patch a tire that has fix-a-flat in it) in your vehicle.
Periodically checking the tread depth is our first tip to avoiding a flat. To check, place a penny upside down in the tread. You’ll know it’s time to get new tires when you see the top of Lincoln’s head. Buying all 4 tires at the same time can save you some money, so don’t forget to rotate them. If you purchased your tires at a Utah auto repair shop, most will rotate the tires for free. This also helps you to avoid flats since you’re not wearing down the same spot for the life of the tire.
Tire rot is an issue that many people don’t know about. Tire rot is small cracks on the sidewall of a tire. This happens when the rubber breaks down, so if you have older tires take a look at the sidewalls.
Proper tire pressure keeps your tires lasting longer. Besides helping with gas mileage, properly inflated tires don’t cause as much stress to the sidewalls. Stress on the sidewall increases dry rot.
2007 model year vehicles and newer have a built in tire pressure monitoring system. You can also install an aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system for vehicles built before 2007.
Valve stems are next on the list. Dry rot can also appear in valve stems and cause them to fail. It takes about 10 minutes, at little cost, for your Utah auto repair shop to replace a valve stem.
Last on the list is to be careful of where you drive. Beware of pot holes, sharp rocks, bad train tracks, etc. Keep clear of construction areas where possible since you may pick up a nail or a staple. Take care of your tires and they will last longer and you’ll much more likely to avoid a flat.…

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Few Tips For Salesmen on How to Make Car Sales

It is believed that majority of new car sales that take place are due to the well planned marketing strategy of the car manufacturers. However, in reality, it is the other way round. Around 80% of the sales take place due to the buyers’ references or the marketing skills of the salesmen. The advertisements don’t tell the complete story of a car. It is the salesman who does. Therefore, the role of a salesman in selling a car cannot be undermined.
The job of a car salesman is not easy at all. Selling a car worth thousands of dollars cannot be a cakewalk. So what should a salesman do to sell a car? Following are few of the tips a salesman could refer to:
Think as a businessman:
It is important to think as a businessman rather than a salesman. Doing this will definitely make you try harder towards making sales. Moreover, if you get a commission for every sale you make, this approach can really fetch you some serious money.
Know the car well
Make sure that you know the car you are selling well. Find the strong points that you can put across the clients. Apart from that, know the weaknesses of your car as well so that you can defend them well in front of your clients.
Listen more and talk less
Most of the salesmen commit this mistake. Out of sheer excitement or the aggressive approach towards making a sale, they just don’t allow the customers to speak. This will not take you anywhere. Try and listen to customers as much as possible. By listening to them, you will be able to comprehend their needs and strategize accordingly.
Don’t try to hide facts
IF your products have a disadvantage or a negative point, make sure you don’t hide it. Instead, try and defend it by giving sensible counter statements. Don’t be very aggressive in your defence. Mind you, its your product that has deficiency.
Stay calm and polite
It is very important to be calm and polite while talking to your customer. Some customers try to act smart by asking too many funny questions but you need to hold on to your nerves and answer the questions sensibly and in the politest manner you can.
Customer is always right
Remember the golden rule “customer is always right”. You can prove him wrong but you don’t need to and especially when he is interesting in buying your car. Even if they refuse to buy your car, greet them with full warmth and thank them for giving their time.
These are just few tips which can help you in selling your car. However, at the end of the day, its going to be your mannerisms and skills that will fetch you a sale.…

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Oh Crap, I Have Been in an Accident!

We all know that accidents happen, it is a fact of life. However, this point does not make having one any less scary. Even after you have checked to make sure your body parts are all still attached there is still a ton to think about. What should I do about insurance, should I call the police, how do I ask for his or her insurance information and so on. These are all questions that will address as well as many others. However, we will start at the start.
At the scene
The immediate reaction most people have to being in an accident is “oh crap I was just in an accident!” When you recover some level of sense and are able to look around, make sure that you and your passengers are ok. If anyone is injured call the authorities and let them handle it, do not ever try to remove someone from the car unless there is danger of a fire or some more pressing and immediate danger.
Provided that you and your passengers are OK (a few bumps and bruises are fine), take a deep breath and try to remain calm. Always keep a pen and paper around to quickly jot down the other car’s license plate number. Shut your car off and step out if it is safe to do so. Take a look at the damage and do your best to keep your cool, this is not the time to blow up. A common misconception is that the police do not need to be called in every instance. The police should always be called as it is in the best interest of everyone involved to have a police report. You do not need to get insurance involved if that is your choice, but having a police report will always help, especially if the other person decides to pull the ol’ switcharoo on you and demand payment.
Interacting with the other driver
This is a scary part, you have to interact with someone whom you do not know. You do not know how this person will react or what they will try to do. The key here is to stay calm and try to think rationally (we know that can be hard after something jarring like an accident). If you have a calm demeanor it will relax the other party. Be courteous but firm, try not to start an argument as the police/insurance companies can settle any dispute better than you.
Make sure you exchange insurance information regardless of whether you plan to get insurance involved or not. It is always good to have just in case. If it appears that the other driver has lost his cool it is even more important that you remain calm. If the police are coming then you have nothing to worry about, the anger will only make him or her seem more at fault. Try not to get into a shouting match as you do not want to antagonize the other driver.
Finally, when the police arrive, make sure you give them a detailed report as to what happened from your view. Do not embellish, exaggerate or lie as the police are very good at sniffing that out. Even if you suspect the other driver will do so, make sure your story is as you remember it. The police will assume that everyone is trying to cover his or her own ass and will catch the exaggerations of the other party. Also, any witnesses will confirm your story if you told the truth.
After the accident
There are a few things to do after an accident. If you chose to do so, file an insurance claim. The police report will come in handy here. Follow the process of your insurance company and see if they will cover your accident. Make sure you stay in some form of contact with the other party (provided they were as courteous as you were) so that you both know what is going on.
Finally there is the issue of getting your car repaired. Usually a good first step is to search on Google for collision specialists in your area. Find a few and get estimates for how much it would cost to fix. Make sure you like both the pricing and the specialist’s personality before going in to get it fixed. Many people believe they can do the repairs themselves. Generally speaking, working on your own car can be fun and rewarding, however when it comes to collisions it is good to find a specialist. Each accident is unique and there is no guide on how to fix any one. Each requires a custom job, including frame and body work, that is extremely difficult for someone without the proper tools and training. Also, …