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Mobile Marketing’s Golden Rule to Increase Your Car Count – Auto Repair Shop Marketing

When it comes to increasing your car count, getting more new and repeat customers, you need to take your Auto Service Shop marketing mobile by using a Text Message Marketing campaign.
Just remember that the Golden Rule of Text Message marketing is this:
“Text Message Marketing is Not Really a Sales Business; It’s a Relationship Building Business”
Then having said that, you’re probably asking yourself ‘Why do I need mobile marketing for my auto service shop business?’, right?
To start, America is tired of doing business with faceless corporations where they’re treated like a number, not a person. Being able to build your ‘personal’ relationships with customers and prospects is your ‘ace’ in marketing.
Mobile marketing really is personal. Your messages are delivered to your customers and prospects where they are and they are mobile and on their phone. Your message goes directly to where they will see it; right in the palm of their hand!
Statistics prove that people are on their phone for more than just the chat. There are billions of text messages sent daily! More and more people every day get ‘tied’ to their phone as a resource. They use it as their main communication device, for surfing the internet, doing local searches, texting and maybe even a phone call every once in a while.
The reason that Text message marketing is powerful is because it is highly targeted. You can create various ‘keywords’ to market to specific groups of customers. As an example, imagine a shop that specializes in Audi and BMW service. You could create a specific keyword for each group and send them only the offers that are specific to them and the make of vehicle they drive.
On the other hand, you could create keywords to attract new customers. As an example, if you’re offering a special on your Air Conditioning Check, you should promote it by advertising “Text ACCHECK to 54321 to get Your A/C Inspection for Just $19.95”. Make your offer attractive and people will respond.
When users text to your short code (the shortened number in your ad) they opt-in to your list. From signage or advertising where you promote your mobile offers, users are basically saying that they have an interest and want to receive your offers and messages.
Using the examples above, owners of Audi or BMW vehicles would only get information, offers and coupons that are related to the vehicle they drive. That makes it personal.
Ask yourself, “What better audience could you have than one made up of people who want to receive your messages?”.
You now have a chance to take your marketing to the next level. Build personal relationships with customers and prospects and send them only the offers that are of interest to them (and that they want to see).
The only thing left for you to do is sit back and wait for the stampede of customers coming to your door!…

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Car Donation In Maryland Has No Exceptions!

How to Donate a Car in Maryland: First and foremost step is to hunt for the Car Donation Charity Organization in Maryland. The above said organization must be sound one. It should handle or controlled by those people who are interested in serving people. If you get intimation that the organization is a fake then stop you proceeding there only. Beware of the culprit associations that mainly aim for there profit-motive. Umbrella Charity Organization in Maryland is one of such example. They can do anything for there benefit. And such organizations work out their activities only for earning profit.

Car Donation in Maryland requires you to be aware of the Car Donation Charities which work for serving people or service motive. Besides such organizations there also emerged some charities which are formed for proficient and efficient working. In the year 2003, a Car Donation Charity in Maryland was come in to force named Cars4Charities Organization. This institution is run and controlled by the skilled group or staff. There exists a relation of client and produce between car donors and the motor vehicle which is the plus point for such an organization.

Moreover, those who run the umbrella organizations for car donation in Maryland have to be sharp at wheeling and dealing, because they have to negotiate with numerous auto auction houses, towing services and government agencies on a daily basis. In order to make the most profit, the management of car donation in Maryland must keep operations efficient and cost effective.

One illustration is another big gun in car donation in Maryland: Cars Helping America, which services the whole of Maryland as well as many states, excluding Michigan where people are not allowed to give to charity through a third party. The car donation in Maryland organization includes free towing and certifies the donation for tax deductions of the donor. The car donation in Maryland manpower needed to communicate, accommodate and coordinate with the many people who inquire about donating, would like to donate, or would like to join as a charity of the car donation in Maryland organization is understandably considerable. This means that human resource in auto donation is another challenge for the organizations involved.

Moreover, those who run the umbrella organizations for car bequest in Maryland have to be jagged at wheeling and commerce, because they have to discuss with many car auction houses, towing services and administration agencies on every day basis. In order to make the most income, the administration must keep operations well-organized and cost effectual.

Role of Manpower Planning in Car Donations in Maryland: Human Resources occur as the main defy in operating and running any of such charities. Efficient and effective staff or workers are the main tool of these charities which make it function smoothly and on the right track with the main motive of serving people. You should not deny the fact that manpower is the crucial organ of the organization. They are responsible for handling it. With the modernization of technology these charities are available at your home also by the means of internet. Car Donation Institutions in Maryland plays with the big inflow of cash and funds. And with this important feature these institutions stand in front of many big corporations. And today these charities are considered as one of the sound structures which are contributing to the nation.…

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Tire Rotation Encourages Even Tread Wear

There are many difficult maintenance and repair chores associated with your automobile, but tire rotation isn’t one of them… and it’s a service that clearly adds to your bottom line. If you know how to change a flat tire, then you have all the necessary skills to perform your own rotation.
The concept of tire rotation is simple- you swap the front set on your car or truck with the back set at regular intervals. By rotating your tires you increase the life of all four. If you never rotated them it’s likely you would experience irregular wear in one or two tires, but by rotating at regular intervals you allow all four to wear out at about the same time so they can be replaced with a matching set.
Naturally, if you brought tire professionals from ten reputable tire discounters into a room and asked their opinion, you’d get ten different ideas on tire rotation. There is the opinion one should never rotate your rear tires with your front tires. Or that you should swap the front and rear left-side together, or the crossover opinion of left front to right rear and right front to left rear. Each of these opinions has its pros and cons.
There is one concept that all can agree upon. If you own a front-wheel drive vehicle the tires on the front wear twice as fast as the tires on the rear. There are several reasons for this: the drive train’s power goes though the front tires, the front tires shoulder the brunt of the cornering, and the front tires do the lion’s share of the braking.
All of this friction results in the gradual loss of tread, at a greater rate of wear on the front tires than the rear ones. For this reason, if you never rotated your tires your rear tires would only be about half worn when your front tires needed replacing. This plays into the opinion that you should never swap your front and rear tires when rotating…
simply replace the front tires. However, this plan has its drawbacks. You might not be able to match to your rear tires, which will introduce different handling and traction characteristics.
Most experts agree that rotating all four tires together makes the most sense. Tire manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and mechanics all recommend one of several rotation patterns, but the truth is it makes virtually no difference which way you rotate your tires as long as each tire divides its time equally on the front and rear of the car.
The goal is to have all the tires wear equally so that all four are ready for replacement at the same time.
How often you rotate your tires is another area of wide ranging opinion, but the general consensus is to schedule a tire rotation somewhere in the range of every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If you’re getting your brakes serviced it’s always a good idea to ask the mechanic to rotate the tires since they’re already off the car. And don’t forget to check your service contract because some tire stores include basic tire rotation as one of their benefits.
By regularly rotating your tires you promote even tread wear and reduce the chances of uneven wear and bald spots. A recent survey of 7,000 vehicles conducted by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) uncovered the disturbing statistic that more than 11% of vehicles were riding on at least one bald tire, a dangerous driving situation for both the vehicle’s owner and the others sharing that road. Scheduled tire rotation will lessen the chance of this situation occurring on your vehicle, and at the very least provides you, or a trained technician from a reputable tire discounter, an opportunity to get a close visual inspection of your tires and identify a potential hazardous situation before it becomes a road hazard.…