Buying Car Parts Or Spares From a Breakers-Yard?

Buying Car Parts Or Spares From a Breakers-Yard?

One of the biggest costs associated with running a car is the costs of car parts and the labour charges that car owners have to pay when repairing their broken vehicles. The cost of the car part can be anything from five pounds for a bulb, to two-thousand pounds for an engine. Many car owners these days are wising up to the car parts industry and are altering their shopping patterns and looking at ways of reducing the money they have to spend on car spares but without losing the quality of the parts. Hundreds and thousands of car owners across the UK have become very wise to the fact that they are being ripped off from main dealers on not only the price they are paying for replacement parts but also the cost of labour for fitting these parts. Since the internet revolution, many car owners are now finding alternative methods of buying the part they need online, especially being attracted by getting their parts from breaker-yards and scrap yards across the UK. By using these sources to get their parts, they have not only saved £100’s on their parts but are also helping the environment as they are re-using genuine, quality parts that otherwise would have been discarded.

What car parts can you get from the Breakers-yard?

Breaker-yards stock a whole variety of car parts and spares, anything from wiper arms, alternators, wing mirrors and complete engines. Breaker-yards operate by collecting cars that have been involved in light minor accidents, cars that have been vandalised, or cars that have been recovered after being stolen. The breaker-yard then retrieves the cars, assess the damage to the car and take any parts off the car that can be used again and that are still in good condition. Due to most breaker-yards turning over 100’s of different makes and models of cars each week, the parts you can get from breakers are so varied that you could almost get any part you are looking for.

What’s the best way to get parts from a breaker-yard? 

The best way to get parts from breaker-yards is not to go down to your local one, but to get yourself on the internet. Although it appears logical to go to the direct website of the breaker-yard, DON’T, as there are services on the internet that search for your parts from over 100’s of breaker-yards on one network by filling in a small enquiry form, and these specialists parts locating services will compare the price of the part you need to get you the cheapest price and with the best guarantees. Not only will this save you time, it will also mean you’ll be saving an average of 75% off main dealer prices. 

What to enquire about when buying your parts from breaker-yards using a specialists parts locating service?

Before buying your parts from specialists parts locating services, follow the recommended guidelines, so that the parts you are buying are correct and you are getting value for your money:

1)    From the results provided by the specialist’s parts locator service, identify the lowest and highest price for that part, as this will give you an indication as to what price you will be most likely going to have to pay.

2)    Ring the number of the supplier who is stocking the parts to check availability and talk to them direct as soon as possible because the parts do sell quickly due to being more than half the price of main dealers.

3)    When talking to the supplier, you need to ask the following questions or complete the checks below before purchasing the part you’re after;

What condition is the part in?

What colour is the part?

Could they send you a picture of the part?

Does the part number off my old part match the part number of the part from the breaker-yard?

What is the best guarantee that the breaker-yard can supply?

What is the best price they can sell you the part? (Use the results from the lowest and highest prices from the specialists parts locator service, for example, if the breaker-yard with the highest price is the only one who still currently stocks the part quote them the lower prices you have been quoted to see if they will price match).

How long will it take for the part to get delivered?

Is the delivery of the parts insured?

How do they accept payments?

In conclusion, you can buy car parts from breaker-yards for a cheaper price than you can from the main dealer, without compromising on the quality. In addition, due to the 100’s of cars that breaker-yards dismantle every week the variety and range of parts you can get is huge, be it from any make or model of car. Finally, using specialist’s car parts locating services on the internet can make the searching for parts quick and easy, especially if you follow the guidelines highlighted above. Millions of car owners are reducing their bills on car parts and this approach to buying car parts is one of the fastest growing changes the automotive industry has seen in years.