How To Make Your Used Car Last Longer

How To Make Your Used Car Last Longer

Here are some suggestions on how to make your used car last longer. By keeping it clean and running smoothly with regular maintenance you may find that you are able to fully enjoy your car and save money at the same time.

Keep your car clean.

One tip to make your used car last longer is by keeping it neat and clean. Many of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles, and keeping it tidy can keep the car looking like new.

Keeping the car clear of debris such as to-go food containers, French Fries and other trash will avoid staining the interior and the carpets. Taking out the kid’s toys and sports equipment after each use can help in keeping the car neat.

Try and vacuum the seats and the floors every couple of weeks. Wipe down the dashboard, door handles and wash all the windows.

Wash the outside of the vehicle to keep it shiny and bright like new. Make sure to wipe the wheel wells free of the brake debris and ArmorAll the tires so they maintain their deep black color. A product like ArmorAll may also help keep the tires from showing cracks as quickly.

By keeping your car clean, vacuumed and free of debris you can enjoy that “new car” feel. Show your car some TLC and help make your used car last longer.

Have regular maintenance done.

Follow the manufacturer’s guide and keep up with their suggested regular maintenance. Have the oil and oil filter changed as recommended. Have the air filter changed.

Have the auto technician fill your fluids, making sure they are clean. These fluids might include the brake fluid, the transmission fluid, the steering fluid and the windshield wiper fluid.

Ask the mechanic to check your spark plugs and their connections. Be sure the belts are free of cracks or splitting that could cause them to break. Check the battery and its connections to be sure they are free of oil, dirt and debris that can get under your engine.

Have the tires rotated and balanced according to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Be sure the tires have enough pressure in them to make them last even longer. Have the technician check the depth of the tread so you’ll know when the tires need to be replaced. Check the shocks for optimal operation.

Maintaining your car can make your used car last longer, and may even avoid costly repairs down the road.

Keep accurate maintenance records.

Another suggestion for making your used car last longer is by keeping accurate records of the maintenance you have done to your car.

Keep a log on your computer or get yourself a notebook to keep all logs in one, convenient spot. Keep all receipts and necessary paperwork in one safe location in case you ever need to refer back to them.

Write down each time you take your used car in for regular maintenance. Document what you had done, the mileage on the odometer and the date you had the repairs done. This could make tracking the necessary maintenance according to your manual easier for you.