Next Time Your Car Is Due For A Service Try Taking It To Your Local Service Centre

Next Time Your Car Is Due For A Service Try Taking It To Your Local Service Centre

Main dealer or local service station? Which is better for having your car serviced or repaired? According to some people, car servicing can be done properly only by a main dealer. The existence of many excellent independent car service companies proves the falsity of this belief.

An independent car service can be beneficial in many ways. These independents do not usually have as many employees and are smaller. It follows from this that you will be sufficiently close to the mechanic working on your car to be able to ask him questions. Generally the smaller shops provide a higher quality customer service.

If a car is under warranty, some people believe that it can be maintained only by the main dealer. This is a false notion. Many independent centres have certified technicians that can do any type of work even if your car is under warranty.

Car dealerships do not have better hi-tech equipment or technology than modern car service centres. A good service centre will be equipped with the latest technology and tools and be capable of dealing with all kinds of vehicles whether modern or old.

You can also find reliable independent car service centres that handle commercial servicing. Most of the larger shops service both passenger and commercial vehicles. A wide range of vehicle types and models can be dealt with by the fully trained mechanics at these places. They have the know-how to diagnose problems on all models and types of vehicle using a variety of hi-tech car diagnostics tools.

Your local garage can be very expensive when it comes to main dealer servicing costs. Having a luxury car such as a BMW serviced by the main dealer is, as those who do so know, very expensive. Whether your car is a Bentley, Mercedes or classic you will find there is an independent garage that specialises in that model. They can repair and do maintenance on these types of vehicle and it usually costs far less than you would pay at a dealership.

Your local qualified car service centre can also do an MOT test on your vehicle when the need arises. To receive a Tax Disc you must have a valid Ministry of Transport (MOT) certificate. There are reliable shops in your area that will inspect your vehicle and also carry out the repairs if any are necessary.

Belonging to a dealership is not a prerequisite for receiving specialist servicing. Reputable businesses with specialist training and facilities exist where such vehicles as Mercedes, BMW’s, Volkswagens and Land Rovers can be serviced.

Owners of commercial vehicles may easily find maintenance of their vehicle is cheaper at a local service centre than at a main dealer. The facilities and equipment necessary for working on vehicles with longer wheelbases exist in many companies. Most shops also keep a supply of commercial batteries and tyres.

Basically there are no tasks that an independent car service shop can’t do more cheaply than a main dealer service. Any questions you have should be answered immediately by the more customer service oriented smaller centres. Consider, therefore, what else might be available locally before you take your car or commercial vehicle in for a service or repair. You might be able to save yourself some time and money by going to an independent car service centre.