Short Term Motor Insurance: Why It Is A Must For Your Vehicles

Short Term Motor Insurance: Why It Is A Must For Your Vehicles

The best time to have short-term motor insurance is when you have a vehicle you don’t use for a long period of time or want temporary coverage for another driver. This is also called a temporary option that will cover the driver, regardless of how long. Short-term motor insurance can be applied on any make, model and year of vehicle. Short term motor insurance has the same coverage as seen in regular coverage so it will not affect any long-term coverage policy you have. The benefits that come associated with short-term motor insurance include:

Impermanent coverage

Emergency coverage

Instant coverage

Abolish need for permanent coverage

Short-term motor insurance is great in making sure that any third party person who uses your vehicle is covered for the time they have the vehicle in their possession. It gets rid of the need to put them on your policy and then remove them when they are done with the vehicle. Short term motor insurance will ensure four things:

That you are covered in cases of borrowing or lending a car. This will help you not lose the NCD

That your vehicle will be covered in case of accident, fire, theft and vandalism. As you may already know, unforeseen circumstances can happen at any point in time

Rates being offered are generally competitive and are often tailored to fit the days you need them to. The number of days can vary: one day to six months

It will give you coverage for any damages to property and vehicles as well as take care of any injuries that were sustained

To make sure you are getting the policy that fits your needs, be sure to look at several short-term motor insurance quotes before settling on one particular company. By doing this, you can comparison shop and find out what plan is going to fit your needs best.