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The Problem With New Car Dealers is Trust (Part 1 of 3)

1. The Problem With Dealerships
Imagine walking into a gleaming car dealership and being taken aback by the wonder of it all. Truly envision those new cars on the showroom floor. Picture that Mustang convertible sitting in the center of the marble tiled floor. Just visualize the little, red Chevrolet Corvette. Maybe a Ferrari Dealership — dream of that bright, red 430 Ferrari Spider with black interior with red, hand sown trim and just a touch of accent to make you know how fast this car can go. Aww, and the scent of the brand new leather seats… Breathe again. Smell the aroma of a room packed with new cars and the rubber of those Goodyear tires. The taste of money permeates the whole place.
Whose money?
Your money!
You are here to get the car of your dreams. Before you even walk in, you are fantasizing about driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, or Main Street of your hometown. You dream of yourself winding down the road, hugging the curves, your fantasy date (or your spouse) by your side with your hair blowing in the breeze. Feel the wind and hear your radio as it drowns out all of your cares. Crank up your favorite tunes and make this your ultimate road trip. You are in love with your new car. You are now going to make your dream a reality and go get that sweet ride!
You suffered through the purchase process. You made the purchase! You’re even more in love with yourself. You outsmarted the car guys and have your baby.
You go by the neighbors’ house. You must show off this prize. You drive everywhere!
The first day that you buy a new car is the only time errands are fun. You park your new love in the furthest parking spot from the entrance. As you walk to the entrance you turn around at least 10 times just to admire her. Nah, you are really admiring yourself. Congratulations, you outsmarted that car salesman. You stole this one. This time it’s going to be different. There will be no scratches, dents or dings – EVER. This amazing piece of machinery was hand built just for you.
And you live happily ever after?
Not always.
Sorry, but it’s time to WAKE UP! Wake up from your daydream. Of course, the darn thing breaks down! Of course it breaks down at the worst time too.
Now what?…