The different Types of Towing Services

When we think of towing services it’s usually four our car that has stopped functioning in an intersection or we need a tow from an isolated country road. Towing services can be a list of things depending on a consumer’s needs. Most businesses will offer towing from private property, taking cars to storage facilities or for customers needing a wheel lift. Whatever your situation may be, today’s towing companies can come to your rescue and remove a vehicle from whatever location you need. Here are some different types of towing services most companies offer.

Flatbed towing

This is typically done when a manufacturer has a list of vehicles that need to be safely towed by a flatbed truck. These platforms are around 21 feet, have steel carriers and a four-wheel tie down system to safely locked down the car as it is being transported. Towing companies have been known to move light trucks, small utility vehicles and pick up some cars. This particular system can handle the weight of a car without damaging the suspension system. There are 24 hour towing services woodbridge va.

Wheel lift towing

This kind of towing service is mainly done for light-duty trucks and RVs. Many companies use towing equipment that reaches under the vehicle rather than using chains to hold down automobile securely. The process involves using a metal yoke so the car can not suffer any damage. Technicians will place the yoke under the rear or the front wheels in order to hold it in place. A hydraulic lift will suspend the rear or front side of the car in order to lift it from the ground and then take it away.

Integrated tow truck

These are used for heavy duty vehicles and specialized purposes. They are often utilize to transport buses or large rigs. With integrated tow trucks, you will find that there are extra axles that provide strength and stability with an arm more involved in the truck’s core.

Hook and chain tow trucks

These type of tow trucks are specifically designed and used to carry all types of cargo from state-to-state. They were highly used in the past, but since that time, business owners realized too much pressure was being put on the towed vehicle themselves, so this method is no longer used by many companies.

Towing services are not only just for retrieving cars from accidents in the streets or from along the side of the road. Many businesses are very versatile when it comes to offering services to businesses and individuals. Junk yards use towing company on a regular basis. Towing businesses have equipment that are meant to carry vehicles that way tons and move them to different long distance locations. Depending on what exactly you need, towing services will have what you want. There prices will also vary with the different types of services you need as well. Towing a semi truck vs a smaller car can be a big difference.