What Is Expected of an Auto Mechanic?

What Is Expected of an Auto Mechanic?

If you really want to be effective in the automotive industry then there are without a doubt expertise you will need to accumulate and will be required to use, these are stated in an auto mechanic job description. There are in most cases several special expectations that a service professional must conform to if they hope to stay employed by an automotive service establishment whether private shop or dealership. The first requirement is a no-brainer… You need to have a good drivers license with few to no motor vehicle infringements. In fact, most shops that deal with high end automobiles like Porsche, BMW and Lexus, will not enlist the services of someone with even one moving offense. When looking for a career, before you are accepted, you will normally be asked to take a physical to clarify whether you are in good enough shape to be a mechanic.

This is not a gag and is a legit part of the auto mechanic job description. You are going to be standing on a solid top for at least 75% of your day. If not standing, then bent over under the hood for an elongated period of time or under a vehicle with your body contorted to get your hands where they need to be to make a repair. Also keep in mind that some mechanical parts will be weighty and you will need to be able to hoist these quite heavy parts and sometimes position them in place while you attach them, such as tires. therefore it is crucial that you be in first-rate to decent shape as well as know how to adequately pick up hefty objects *note: always stretch first thing in the morning*

Subsequently, you will be expected to keep a professional appearance as well as a professional temperament. Just because you are buried in a garage all day concealed from customers, there will be certain times when you will need to address customers outside the service area or communicate with work colleagues. You will be required to have on a uniform at all times when at work. This can range from a regular top and work pants to professional-looking embroidered, long sleeve work shirts. Mostly this will rely on where you are employed. Professional demeanor you ask? There will be times when you must talk particularly with the customer whose car you are fixing. You may need to converse with them over the phone or even go for a road test with them if you are not able to duplicate a customer claim.

On top of looking and talking professionally, good judgement is imperative. This may seem like common sense but you would be startled. It is not a wise decision to take a customers vehicle to the coffee and donuts drive through or to the neighborhood shop for a beverage. Also, even if a customer smokes in their motor vehicle, don’t ever smoke cigarettes in a customer’s car. Getting captured doing these will have a propensity to result in termination. Getting let go is not necessarily gratifying, keep your profession, use sensible judgement.

The most critical prerequisite that exists in the auto mechanic job description is being able to competently diagnose and make all the needed repairs in a sensible amount of time and in compliance with dealer and factory practices. In other words, you will be counted upon to repair a vehicle thoroughly the first time, so it does not need to keep returning again for the same exact issue. This will need to be done in a manner that signifies professional workmanship.