What to Do When a Dealer Cannot Get Parts For Your Car

What to Do When a Dealer Cannot Get Parts For Your Car

When the main dealer does not have the parts you require for your car repair, this can be very frustrating, especially when you have taken time out from your busy lifestyles to visit the main dealer just to find out that the parts are not in stock because your car is too old or because you do not have a part number. This could lead you to feeling helpless and none the closer in finding your parts. However, don’t fear there are other options.

This article will aim to help parts searchers to find the parts they are after from different places other than the main dealers where they can find the parts by not paying way over the odds.

Finding parts when you DO NOT have internet access?

If you are looking for parts for your car and you have already been to your local main dealer that has told you that they do not stock your parts anymore, then a good alternative is to visit your local motor factor parts shops. These shops will sell mainly new parts from service parts i.e. – oil filters, brake pads and brake discs to more mechanical parts like engine parts – timing belt kits, head gaskets, suspension parts – springs and dampers. Even though these parts are not original manufacturer parts, they are termed ‘replacements’ parts, but are generally manufactured to a decent standard by recognised companies such as Bosch & Siemens.

Some motor factor shops will provide pretty good guarantees, with some providing a minimum of 3 months guarantee. The advantage to these parts is that the price is always a lot cheaper than main dealer prices, however, bear in mind that the quality of the part is not to the same standard. This could be a useful option though as in today’s economic downturn, it could get you back on the road and save you money. In addition, you could also try using the Yellow Pages or ring telephone directory companies (watch out for these as they can be expensive call charges) to broaden your search when looking for motor factor companies in your area. Broadening your search will give you more options of where the parts are located but more importantly where you can get it for the cheapest price – all from the comfort of your own home.

Finding parts when you DO have internet access?

If you have internet access then you have a big advantage when searching for your car parts before you even start your search. Going online to search for your car parts means you are going to get a lot better deal on your parts as you can explore websites from all over the UK. Most companies offer next day deliver services so the issue of travelling to get your parts is not even something you have to consider. In today’s world, the beauty about website’s and buying from them is that they are open 24/7, so surf and look for your parts when its convenient FOR YOU.

The other advantage of going online compared to motor factors is that although they cater for the minor parts, such as, oil filters, brake pads & brake discs to more mechanical parts like engine parts – timing belt kits, head gaskets, suspension parts they DO NOT cater for wing mirrors, alternators, engines or gearboxes – website companies can find the majority of parts you are after.

I have not got time to be exploring the net to find my parts?

This is true in many cases and let’s face it, everyone would prefer to be relaxing and enjoying themselves rather than be looking for car parts all evening. If this is the case, then another recommendation is to use a part location website.

These website specialise in finding new and used car parts, and are brilliant on price comparison. The advantage of using these websites is that you tell them what you want and they ‘compare the market’ across the majority of breaker-yards in the country for you, and then they get you the cheapest price. In addition to saving you time and money, you will also be doing your bit for the environment in recycling car parts, will be getting genuine parts to the same quality as the dealership parts, and they will give you guarantees on parts and next day delivery service is provided.

In conclusion, if the main dealer does not have your parts then do not despair, and don’t get stressed out. If you have internet access this will be the best way to get your parts, for the best price and when it is convenient for you. By using individual websites or using the ALL IN ONE ‘compare the market’ site you will be able to give yourself more options and more importantly get better quality of parts too. If you have not got internet access then using motor factors in your local area or using yellow pages will be your best bet when trying to find your parts.